A Morning at Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden

IMG_1953One Sunday morning in mid May, Our family went to explore the garden at Bellagio before it was changed over for summer.


Bellagio holds such a special place in my heart! It is the first place we went to visit, after making our move out to Nevada. We have gone to Bellagio garden every theme change ;since we have lived here and I hope to make this something we always get to do together as a family.


After visiting the conservatory a few times, well the strip in general, we have learned a few tips on how to explore with toddlers (another blog to come soon on tips for Vegas/strip visits with toddlers).


One key tip that almost always works out in our favor is; get there early if you want to beat the crowd! Seems simply enough right? If your children are anything like ours, you tend to be up, no matter if it’s the weekend or not! What works best for us is to get up, get ready, and head out.


Getting to the garden early was the best decision we made! It gave our girls the chance to run around and explore all of the beauty without the consent worrying of them being in everyones way. It was, by far, my favorite trip to the conservatory! Watching our girls get the chance to decide what they wanted to check out next, being able to stand back and take it all in, it was easily managed time in public, which is a rare occurrence with our children!


The garden is breathtaking! I highly recommend a trip there if you haven’t been yet or are looking for somewhere to take the family. It’s free to visit, which we know is a huge factor when it comes to taking toddlers places! Why pay to take them somewhere when they might decide when you get there that they hate life, that second, and are not having anything to do with your amazingly planned out day. Toddlers, am I right?