Better Sleep with Little Ones

Let me start off by saying I can not recommend this program enough! Littles Ones program has helped make better sleep possible when I thought I’d be rocking that zombie mom, wearing the biggest sunglasses, holding the largest coffee look for at least the next two years.

I’ve used the method of nursing to sleep with all of my babies. It’s not something I planned for nor did I realize how strong this sleep association is. It’s just what worked for us and I stuck to it because why fix what isn’t broken, right? Well, I’ve come to realize that way of thinking is wrong and we needed to find a different method that worked for us. It’s not that nursing to sleep is “broken” by any means but it no longer worked for us. I never attempted to break nursing to sleep when it came to the girls but this time around, with three little ones in the house, I knew I needed to get a full nights rest and be on my A game!

When the Little Ones Sleep Program fell into my lap I read through it and quickly realized this was exactly the program we needed! I had never seen a program that outlined the different sleep methods and sleep associations before and knew I was in good hands! The Little Ones app has to be one of my favorite parts! With the easy to navigate layout I can find exactly what I’m looking for and fast! Fast is important when I’m looking for some troubleshooting tips during the moment.

I can’t rave enough about the app, seriously guys, it’s awesome! Everything you can think of is right there for you. The app has detailed schedules, settling tips, troubleshooting help, videos, and Little Ones Village just to name a few. I’ll get back to the Little Ones Village part because all mamas, scratch that, all parents in need a village! 

Right away I found the fed to sleep method outlined in the Little Ones app and knew we were in the right place! This method has two stages and every step along the way is outlined for you making it easy to follow along. It literally takes the guesswork out of the equation and these simple step-by-step guidelines will have you and you baby sleeping better.

We have been using the fed to sleep method for a month now and are already sleeping better! Even with being out of the home during his normal nap times and during a move Oakley has still been sticking to his routine. He will take his naps on the go at his normal times and didn’t even struggle to fall asleep in our new home when the curtains weren’t even hung yet!

In full disclosure, we are not completely done nursing to sleep. Oakley is still nursing to sleep at night but for naps, he has kicked it and is able to self-settle! This is a huge win for us and although we are not getting a full nights rest yet, I know we will be there soon with the help of Little Ones!

One of the things that made Little Ones program perfect for us was that they do not use the cry it out method. They have developed their own more gradual approaches and offer nine different methods which keep you and baby comfortably throughout the whole process. I considered this a huge win and have been grateful for Little Ones.

A benefit of the Little Ones program is the free app and support that comes along! Part of the app that I’ve really enjoyed is the Little Ones Village, remember I said I’d get back to that. This is where you can come ask fellow parents for tips or just vent about having a rough day! I’ve made some mommy friends on this part of the app and really appreciate that we have the chance to come together and share our journeys with each other in a safe place!

Baby teething, sick, or going through sleep regression? No worries! Little Ones will be there to help you through the rough patches as well! They offer support for the unexpected situations and give tips to help get you and baby through these transitions.

All around I can’t say enough good about Little Ones! Our journey to a better nights rest might not look like everyone else’s but we will get there when we are ready and comfortable with the help of Little Ones! This program has made every transition easier for us and continues to be a great resource for our family! Don’t struggle to get the rest you deserve! There is help out there and Little Ones will be with you every step of the way!

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